Breast Enlargement Without Surgery: 5 Alternative Ways to Enhance Your Size

In this era of medical miracles, it is very common for women to desire the size, shape or contour of their breasts to suit their taste. Breast augmentation or enhancement through plastic surgery is an option which is not preferred by many women due to the high costs, risk and invasive method adopted. Fortunately there are ways of enlarging breasts without surgery, which can be opted for by women who do not wish to go under knife. The non-invasive methods of breast enlargement has been fast replacing plastic surgery for shaping and enlarging breasts, buttocks and calves in women who desire it.

1. Massage

Certain types of massages are known to enhance breast size and also make it more firm if done regularly. To give smooth, friction free movement to the hand, it is good to use cream, oil and good lubricant for the massage. Usually the massage is done every day in a simple way where the fingers gently follow the contour of the breast in a clockwise direction. Using ice packs or having cold showers can also help in increasing the firmness of the breast, thus giving it a beautiful shape.


2. Exercise

Exercises when done with proper techniques are known to increase the bust size to a great extent. Though the breast firmness and size improves with exercise, the result may not last long if the exercises are discontinued after a while. Bench pressing, breast stroke swimming, forearm gripping, press ups and other similar exercises can make the breasts firm, as well as enhance their size, if done the right way. The best part of this method is that it involves no side-effects but comes with positive effects of good health and weight loss as bonus.

3. Hyaluronic Acid

Non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid is effective in shaping the breast when injected into the body tissue. It enhances the volume, thus increasing breast size and also gives it a desired shape. The procedure is less invasive then surgery and helps the women who have lost the shape and size of their breasts due to pregnancy, breast feeding, ageing, hormonal changes or weight loss. It is also helpful in making adjustments in women who have asymmetrical breasts.

The component used in the procedure is biocompatible and biodegradable, hence it is considered to safe. Unlike in surgeries, the chances of infection, side-effects or allergies are very rare. Moreover, it does not obstruct or hinder the mammogram or other scanners which can detect breast cancer. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia to the breast and will be over within an hour.

4. External Tissue Expansion

External tissue expansion is a procedure involving lipografting to increase the size of the breasts. It is not only safe but can specify the size and shape of the breasts with great accuracy. An external vacuum based expansion device resembling a bra is used in the procedure of external tissue expansion to apply a pressure of 2- mmHg on each breast for nearly 12 hours every day for 2 months. This simple procedure has been successful in breast augmentation and enlargement in the safe way without any intervention procedure like injections or surgery.

5. Diet

Though unbelievable, it is possible to increase the curve and bust size of the woman through proper diet. Estrogen hormone is responsible for fuller breasts, large hips and other feminine curves of the body. Hence consuming food rich Phyto-estrogens like soybeans, wheat, barley and dairy products can help a woman get fuller breasts.