Dealing with Hot Flashes: Natural Remedies

Hot flashes are associated with the falling down in the levels of estrogen and progesterone. It is sudden feeling of warmth that is intensely felt over the face, neck and chest, causing reddening of the skin, excessive sweat, and sometimes followed by a chilly feeling.

They often occur in women who are nearing or going through menopause. Their frequency may vary from woman to woman. In some women, they may appear once in a week or less, whereas in others, it may happen several times in a single day.

Most of the hot flashes are just an irritation that does not affect the functioning of a person. But in some severe cases, they are known to be debilitating, which may interfere with the daily activities of the woman.


Some simple natural remedies can help a woman effectively tackle hot flashes. Alternative medicinal procedures like Ayurveda, Acupuncture, yoga and meditation are known to help in providing relief from hot flashes. In addition, there are simple lifestyle changes and natural remedies that would help the women keep hot flashes at bay.

Change the Dressing Style

With the onset of hot flashes, it is time for the woman to make a change in her wardrobe. Instead of wearing a single heavy dress, it is always wise to wear clothes that come in different layers; so that when the hot flashes appear, the extra hot clothes can be removed.

It is also wise to use natural fibers like cotton or silk that are not only comfortable but also help in easy regulation of body temperature. Use sweaters and cardigans made of natural wool.

Avoid Triggers

Though hot flashes are hormonal, there are other triggers that may intensify them. Not everyone has the same trigger for flashes, as it is proved to be unique to each woman. Stress and suppressed anger is known to cause hot flashes in most women whereas spices, alcohol, smoking, nicotine, caffeine, fatty food, sweets and chocolates are other common triggers.

Some household chores may also act as trigger in some cases, in which situation it is helpful to pass on the specific activity to other house members.

Increase the Intake of Nutrients

Deficiency of nutrients can trigger hot flashes. Moreover, hot flashes themselves are known to deplete the body of certain nutrients like Vitamin B-5 (also known as antothenic acid), Para-aminobenzoic acid (another B-complex vitamin), Vitamin E, Vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant), magnesium and potassium.

Increasing the intake of these nutrients along with calcium will not only help in reducing hot flashes, but will also improve overall health of the woman who is going through menopause.

Practice Mild Exercises

Though strenuous physical activity is known to trigger hot flashes, mild exercises like yoga, walking or simple cardiac exercises lower the circulation of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone by raising the endorphin levels.

Yogic or abdominal breathing exercises are known to provide instant relief from a fast approaching hot flash.

Breathing should be paced at 5 seconds for inhalation and exhalation each. Each breath should be slowly drawn in through nose allowing the abdomen to rise and lungs to inflate.

Try out Medicinal Herbs

Some herbs like Black Cohosh, Flaxseed, Soy, Sarsaparilla, Sage Tea, Wild Yams, etc. are also known to reduce hot flashes.