What are the Pros and Cons of Taking Period Delay Pills?

Women can undergo various transformations with their bodies. This includes developments that happen naturally within their bodies such as periods. Periods happen to be clots of blood that drip. For some, this is a thing to get over with whereas some are working women that cannot afford to carry them to places. For this, they look for period delay pills. These pills happen to be the perfect agent for stopping or pausing the periods for a while.

period delay pills

While some can work for a few weeks, some only work for some days. Either way, another debate can go on in this regard. Women do want to avoid any discomfort that comes from the body and enters their clothes. But things do not seem when you consider period delaying pills. Access Doctor is an online pharmacy that delivers period delay tablets throughout the UK right after the consultation with doctors.  We will make sure this turns out to be an informative read for many women that want a guide regarding periods.

Why do Women Need Period Delaying Pills?

There can be a ton of reasons when women present their side of the debate. Delaying a body change can feel like a disastrous thing to do but you can do it safely. Women’s bodies undergo sudden changes at any time. For this, they need to remain prepared. Periods happen to be a change that can affect them greatly. At the lowest, it can trouble their clothes for which they need extra protection such as pads. And the list can go on with the issues of periods.

Women that need to go for special occasions and events, and office-working women complain of periods troubling them. For them, there is no other solution than taking delayed pills for periods. These pills do not appear threatening but work in a contained way. They stop your periods naturally, but the timing can vary. Some pills offer a good relief time whereas some want constant consumption to receive benefits.

Period Delaying Methods

Being a woman brings added responsibilities, and body changes do not help a lot. Periods for instance appear troubling for every woman. But they need to live with this phenomenon, and we respect them for taking pills to avoid them. However, avoiding periods forever can be threatening to your life. For this, you need to adopt some good methods, and we present two ways that women can avoid periods.

  • Taking medication in the form of Norethisterone
  • Consuming contraceptive pills

For every medication you select, the process of controlling the periods remains the same. That is, your womb’s lining is stopped and covered so the blood does not shed. We will discuss them in the brief and how they benefit you.


Norethisterone is a medical prescription that means your doctor can prescribe its use to stop periods. This is a medium-term medication allowing benefits for up to 17 days. You must consume them 3 days before your periods begin. The next 17 days will keep you free from periods while they will resume around 3 days after the medication stops.

Contraceptive Pills

The contraceptive pills offer short-term relief of up to 7 days but you can increase it considering the dosage you take. Brands offering these pills also provide packs of them. You must consume these pills in a pack. Either you can consume them in a single pack back-to-back.

Pros of Period Delaying Pills:

Presently, there happen to be more benefits than risks or cons that come with these pills. In essence, delaying periods is not harmful if you work sensibly. With a good suggestion from a doctor, there is much to look at on the brighter side.

  1. Some women can undergo heavy bleeding during their monthly period cycle. It can also lead to the development of anemia. Taking pills will keep this heavy blood loss away for a while.
  2. During and around periods, your body suffers fluctuation of a higher degree. This leads to menstrual migraine. You can avoid this by taking delayed pills for periods.
  3. Periods can cause your skin to develop pimples on it and suffer breakage. Taking pills to avoid menstruation can keep your skin clearer for longer.
  4. Cramps and bloating are common during periods of blood-shedding during important times of the day. Pills happen to take away the discomfort from you.
  5. Ovarian and uterine cancer is always a risk with more periods. To avoid this, you can use pills that keep these risks away for longer.

Cons of Period Delaying Pills:

The negatives of period delaying pills happen to exist, but they are few. It is since the benefits happen to be more acceptable for women. They can move, work, and go about their lives freely and easily. But we cannot ignore the cons.

  1. When you take delaying pills, there is a risk of breakthrough bleeding. This is shedding and spotting between your delays.
  2. It tells you if you are pregnant or not. We suggest taking a pregnancy test during the delaying period if you feel breast tenderness, fatigue, or sickness that appears unusual.