Underarm Hair Removal – Some FAQs

For many women, underarm hair can seem to be the most pointless of things; and its repeated removal may seem to be the most annoying of requirements. Over time, the practice of underarm hair removal has become a must for reasons of hygiene and cosmetic concerns.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about underarm hair removal answered.

1. What are the methods of temporary hair removal from the underarm?

Women can use a razor to shave, they can use hair removing or depilatory creams, they can wax the underarm hair or they can use an epilator machine for hair removal from the underarm area. While razors and depilatory creams remove hair from the surface of the skin, the hair tends to grow back faster. Using an epilator or waxing gets the hair out from the root and gives hair less underarms for longer but could be very painful.

2. Does shaving make the hair grow thicker in the underarms?

The myth of shaving encouraging hair growth is a long standing one. What does happen is, the hair that is shaved appears coarser and blunt, and this people mistake to be thicker hair. Also over time, the skin beneath the hair can darken due to shaving and this contributes to the misapprehension that shaving thickens the hair.

3. What method of hair removal has the most chance of irritation?


The answer to this actually depends upon the woman herself and the sort of skin she has. Some women find that they are unable to tolerate the chemicals in depilatory creams very well and that causes them skin irritation or rashes.

Other women find that waxing or epilating in the underarm area makes the skin bleed and that it is not suitable for them. Yet other women find that the problem of ingrown hair makes shaving an unviable option for them.

To minimize irritation, make sure that the razor used for shaving the underarms is always clean and doesn’t have any rusting or other deterioration of the blades. Also use depilatory creams only as directed and keep it on only for the prescribed time; if possible use a brand superficially formulated for sensitive skin.

4. What are the permanent ways to remove underarm hair?

Laser hair removal is a long term hair removal method and not a permanent one. Here the hair root itself is destroyed so that no more hair sprouts from it; if it does, it is very light and slow growing. However all women may not have successful results from this form of underarm hair removal.