Artificial Hymen and Vagina Tightening Gel: Two Simple Solutions to Confirm Your Virginity

Premarital sex is considered taboo and is frowned upon in many cultures and societies. A woman is often required to confirm her virginity on the wedding night. However, it may not be always possible to keep your hymen intact due to various reasons like natural urge, rape, and first love. Sometimes, even seemingly innocuous activities like bicycling, masturbation, and petting may tear off the hymen.


Most of the surgical hymen restoration procedures like hymenoplasty and hymen reconstruction surgery are costly and uncomfortable since they involve sewing of the hymen. Moreover, due to privacy issues and busy schedule immediately before the wedding, women find it extremely difficult to go for such complicated medical procedures. All this leaves most of the young women alone with their problem, putting a lot of mental stress on them.

Fortunately, relatively lesser-known, non-invasive, and extremely simple solutions like VirginiaCare artificial hymen and vagina tightening gel can help you restore your hymen and confirm your virginity with traces of blood while consummating your marriage.

What Actually Is VirginiaCare Artificial Hymen?

The artificial hymen consists of self-dissolving cellulose, which is filled with a special powder, identical to the human blood. All you need to do is insert it in the vagina about 30 minutes before the intercourse. The components of the artificial hymen mix with the vaginal fluid and come out like blood at the right time.

What Is Vagina Tightening Gel?

Revitalize100 is a vagina tightening gel from VirginiaCare. You need to start applying it a week or two before your wedding night. Apply the gel on to labia and vaginal entrance once a day, preferably before going to bed. You will soon notice that your vaginal entrance is much tighter than before.

Both these products are made from natural materials and have no side effects, allowing you to solve your problem safely, independently, and anonymously, without having to see a medical practitioner.