Reduce Infant Suffocation Hazards With Breathe-Thru Bassinet Mattresses

As a parent, one of the most important things that you decide for the comfort and health of your baby is to choose the right mattress. A good night sleep is a must for all the children. Some of the mattresses can make your baby uncomfortable. The baby may get suffocated with the kind of material used in the mattress. In order to tackle this problem, Safe Sleep Solutions has come up with an innovative Breathe-Thru Bassinet and Bassinet Mattress that is known to reduce the risk of suffocation.


The 3D mesh material used in the mattress allows the air to flow through the mattress even when the baby is sleeping face down. This material is fully washable and adheres to all the safety standards stipulated by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety division.

The bassinet allows air flow around the baby. The mattress is easily foldable and can be carried from one place to another. It is quite comfortable while travelling. It also reduces the concentration of carbon dioxide in the mattress. Mesh surface can be removed and washed. The 3D material of the mattress gives an extra cushion and a superior soft feeling.


There must be a way to regulate the temperature. Babies often find it difficult to regulate the body temperature on their own. Kids keep moving around the mattress which creates hot spots. When the temperature turns too hot, the baby may not be able to sleep well. But in case of 3D mesh material bassinet mattress, there is a provision for continuous air flow in the mattress which enables the baby to sleep well throughout the night.

Most of the babies suffer from dust mite infections or eczema. This is mainly caused due to the dust mites present in the mattress. This bassinet material is very easy to wash. This will not allow any type of dust mites thus preventing all the infections caused from them.

Some of the foam mattresses may emit harmful chemicals and can be extremely hazardous. Hence, it’s always advisable to avoid foam mattresses for babies. The Breathe-Thru Bassinet mattresses, including the filling inside them, are made from organic cotton, making them completely safe for kids. This type of mattress does not restrict the mobility of infants.

You can choose from a wide variety of mattresses depending upon the size required for your baby. These are natural bassinet mattresses that are free from toxic chemicals. They provide two layers of breathable surface which is very comfortable. They can fit all standard size cribs available in the market.

In addition to mattresses, there are few more products designed from Breath-Thru bassinet. Head shaping pillows are one of the most useful things that can be used along with the mattress. They give that extra comfort and hold the baby well, ensuring a good night sleep. These pillows help to shape the head, thus preventing flat head syndrome. Similarly, for that extra care for kids within 14 weeks of birth, you can try the compression garments that give good protection to the baby. With this type of garments, the baby feels cozy and secure while sleeping.