5 Cheap Sip and See Baby Shower Decorations That Look Expensive

When it comes to throwing a baby shower, you want it to look just as lovely as possible, but you don’t want to break that bank. So after you have sent out your sip and see invitations, it is time to get to work on planning what the party is going to look like. So how can you get the most impact per dollar spent? We have come up with 5 DIY ideas that will take your guests’ breath away without breaking the bank.

sip and see baby shower invitation

1. Let Fabrics Be Your Friend

Fabrics like table cloths and tulle can transform almost any space into an elegant chic venue without destroying your budget. New clean table cloths can hide old tables or even plastic folding tables and give them a stylish look for pennies. Also, adding tulle from the ceiling helps fill space and give your venue an elegant look.

2. Get Familiar With Lights

The flickering light of a candle or the soft glow of fairy lights can give your party a fun, unique look without much work. Also, candles are very inexpensive but provide an elegant look that can’t be denied.

3. Balloons Are Not Just for Clowns

Balloons are cheap and come in so many different colors and sizes that they are perfect for any baby shower. With a little DIY work, balloons can be used to create a statement piece or centerpiece of your entire shower but not cost more than a couple of dollars and a little creativity.

4. Paper Lanterns for the Win

If you plan ahead, you can order paper lanterns in bulk from eBay or Amazon and get them for less than a dollar apiece. Lanterns are great for adding color as well as fill space. Lanterns can be hung at different heights giving you more room more dimension.

5. DIY Flower Arrangement

Adding fresh flowers to your decor is a great way to give your shower and expensive feel. Simply buying cheap grocery market flowers and then using the petals to give a pop of color to a table or having floating flower centerpieces won’t cost you much but will give you an expensive look you are going for.

These five little tips can help give your party a chic, elegant look that people will be talking about for years. The great thing about it is at the end of the day you won’t have spent much money even though it will look like you did. So it is a real win-win.