Solve the Problem of Vaginal Odor With Feminine Cleanser JilGyungYi

Most of the women have experienced the problem of vaginal odor at least once in their lifetime. The problem is usually caused by disturbance in the pH level inside the vagina. In a healthy woman, the vagina is slightly acidic (lower than 7) in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. Using improper methods of cleansing can make the vagina neutral or less acidic, turning it into a breeding ground for bacteria. As a result, you may experience problems like dryness, itchiness, burning sensation, and unpleasant  odor.

vaginal odor

The problem of vaginal odor

Suffering from unpleasant vaginal odor can often be embarrassing and frustrating. To make the problem even worse, the odor is usually accompanied by vaginitis (a burning sensation) and itchiness in the vagina. In summer, the combination of sweat and vaginal odor makes it even more irritating. Vaginal odor around those period days often gets unbearable. Wearing tight pants and leggings sounds more of a dream; not to mention the fear of people around you getting a smell of your odor.

Problem with conventional vaginal cleansers

Most of the conventional feminine cleansers and vaginitis treatments available in the market kill all the microbes in the vagina, including those that are good for your body. This causes the vagina to go dry and the vaginitis reoccurs after some time, along with all other associated problems. Some of the feminine cleansers do supply artificial lactic acid externally but that’s again is not a long-term solution.

JilGyungYi offers a long-term natural solution

JilGyungYi tablets

JilGyungYi is an organic feminine cleanser that offers complete care for your vaginal health. Unlike most of the existing vaginal cleansers available in the market, the JilGyungYi tablets do not supply the vaginal surface with an external acid. Instead, it provides nutrition to the healthy micro-organisms present in the vagina so that they can continue with lactic acid secretion in a natural manner. This maintains a healthy acidity level in the vagina as part of a regular biological process of your body.

In addition to solving a host of vaginal problems, JilGyungYi also tighten and brightens the vaginal area. All you need to do is to use two units of JilGyungYi tablets every seven days. The gel-typed JilGyungYi inner balance solution allows you to use this medicine even more hygienically. It’s also available as a soft essence moisture in an individual packaging for a single use, so that you can conveniently carry it with you while traveling.

No surprise that JilGyungYi is tested for low irritation to the skin since it is made from natural ingredients like cactus extract, aloe vera leaf extract, ginkgo leaf extract, peppermint leaf extract, Asiatic pennywort extract, sophora extract, and dong quai extract. Due to this, people with the sensitive skin on their Y-zone can use it without any problem.

JilGyungYi Pro is the upgraded product with improved ingredients, effectiveness, and design. The lactobacillus ferment lysate filtrate content grants the moisturizing effect, and the hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid helps to keep the skin tight, allowing you to manage your skin even more clearly.

It is advisable that you do not use JilGyungYi during pregnancy. You can use it during menstruation, but it can cause discomfort on a day when you have a lot of bleeding. Hence, it’s better to use this medicine either before or after the periods.

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