Hair Loss Treatment for Women – What Works and What Doesn’t

When it comes to hair loss treatment for women, it is difficult to make out fact from fiction. With the number of products that claim to offer results and the amount of bad press some of them receive with regard to efficacy and safety, it is difficult to know what product one should use.

Here are some tips to help you identify the best possible hair loss treatment for you.

What type of hair loss do you suffer from?

Firstly determine if you are actually losing hair – by that we mean hair loss in excess of replacement or growth rates. They say that losing up to a 100 hairs a day is normal and really nothing to worry about.

However many women have female pattern hair loss, which is not a very evident form of hair loss since it is the kind of all-over thinning of hair that is not easy to detect until it is quite advanced. Rarely women may also have male pattern balding.

The hair loss problem could be due to inadequate hair growth or excess falling due to a host of different conditions.

Find out the underlying cause for the hair loss


Hormonal imbalances are often at the root of a hair loss problem. Menopause, pregnancy and childbirth could also cause hair loss for instance. Thyroid imbalances could also cause hair loss.

Certain nutritional deficiencies and environmental pollutants may be the reasons for hair loss among women.

It could also be stress, grief of a life changing event that could cause hair loss, however this could be temporary and may resolve without treatment, so long as the woman is able to come to terms with her emotions.

Identify the best hair loss treatment for your situation

Very often hair loss is nothing but a symptom for a hormonal imbalance. As soon as the hormonal imbalance is corrected the hair loss may resolve itself without further treatment.

For instance the hormonal imbalances caused by pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding with resolve themselves. If menopause symptoms, thyroid imbalances and so on are controlled hair loss problems may also cease.

Then consider whether you need to use a growth stimulant because the fair follicles are simply not stimulated enough to grow new hair – for this Minoxidil or Rogaine can be effective hair loss treatments for women. Tricomin Therapy can also be helpful as a growth stimulant and anti-inflammatory agent. Androgen blockers can also be useful for certain types of female hair loss.