10 Most Important Women’s Health Issues and Concerns You Should Be Aware Of

People are affected by different health issues. However, there are certain illnesses that usually strike women. It is of paramount importance that women be informed on how to prevent these dreaded diseases against women. It is equally important to know certain health information like the important changes in one’s body. Given below is a list of 10 most important health issues and concerns women should be aware of in order to be in the pink.

most important women health issues

1. Weight Issues

Women are always concerned with their weight compared to men. Slim body or a well-shaped body is always tagged as “sexy.” Women who are overweight or fat are less confident. As a result, overweight women resort to crash diet and end up having health problems. But to stay healthy and fit, you don’t have to skip your meals.

Consider the alternatives. Eat healthy foods and do some exercise. It has been said that the secret of Japanese women in weight loss is drinking green tea. Drinking at least three cups of it during each meal will speed up metabolism in a healthier way. It will also bring so many good effects.

2. Dysmenorrhea

Every month, a woman goes through their “period” or menstruation. This happens because of the matured egg cells that remain unfertilized for a period of time. Certain women suffer from cramps during their periods.

There are various causes of dysmenorrhea. This occurs when the uterus contracts so the blood won’t be able to flow since the uterus will shutdown. However, this is only for a temporary period of time.

Doctors suggest that eating proper food, as well as having sufficient exercise can prevent this. However, if you are experiencing pain, there are always over-the-counter drugs which you can buy to relieve the pain. But if you are suffering from dysmenorrhea along with fever, it is best to consult your doctor for advice.

3. Breast Cancer

This disease killed thousands, or even millions of women. It is important to be aware of the symptoms associated with this sickness because if detected at an early stage, it is still possible to find escape from this health adversary.

Among the symptoms of breast cancer includes discharges in the nipple, change in the size of the breast (e.g. it became saggy), marble-like lump in your breast or the surrounding area. Prevention is always better than suffering the very difficult procedures to kill the cancer cells.

Remember, you can stay healthy by eating at least five fruits and vegetables every day. One study showed that eating cauliflower or broccoli is good because these fight cancer. Drinking green tea is also good to prevent this dreaded disease.

4. Cervical Cancer

Women should go through an annual pap smear. This is the way to have an early detection of any abnormality of the cervix. There are vaccines already available to prevent this but still, eating the right kinds of food (e.g. vegetables and fruits) is the best prevention.

5. Menopause

The symptoms include irregularity in menstruation, hot flashes and at the same time there is frequent sweating, dryness of the vagina and UTI or urinary tract infection. It usually happens to women in their 40’s. In this stage, women think that things are not the same. Some women resort to HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy. But there should be an important consideration as to having this treatment. It is because it has been said that it may cause many other diseases. But you don’t have to suffer those aforementioned difficulties when you’re in this stage. There are alternative therapies that you can always take. Sit down with your doctor and discuss things out. Nevertheless, always remember to have a balanced diet and proper exercise.

6. UTI or Urinary Tract Infection

This is a painful infection of the urinary tract. This is wherein bacteria from the rectum or sometimes in the vagina go through the filtering system or the urinary tract passing the urethra. This direction of bacteria is sometimes caused by sexual intercourse. And women who always have changing sexual partners can suffer from UTI. There is no need to worry when you’re suffering from UTI since there are antibiotics which are really effective.

7. Vaginal Infections

If you have unusual results in your pap smear, don’t be hysterical and don’t even be frightened. It does not mean that you have cervical cancer. The abnormal result can be due to infection or inflammation of the vagina. Most often, the gynecologist will ask you to go through colposcopy. This is a process to examine your cervix even closer. Using vinegar and colposcope, the doctor will be able to check the cervix closely.

8. Signs of Pregnancy

If you just missed your period, you might be pregnant because of sexual intercourse with a man. But to be sure, know the symptoms of being pregnant. One is sore breast and your nipples are specifically sore. During the early stages of pregnancy, you may feel that you are getting very tired. This can be due to certain hormones being produced in your body during this stage. In the early stage of pregnancy, you may also have blood spots. You may have uncomfortable cramps as well. Most women also experience morning sickness that is manifested through vomiting. Changing emotions or moods, as well as headaches are also other signs of pregnancy. So when you are experiencing these, consult your doctor for confirmation.

9. Gallbladder Stone (gallstone)

You might be suffering from gallstones if you have experience pain in your back and lower right portion of your shoulder. It can also be accompanied with nausea or sometimes you vomit because of this. And most importantly, if you feel pain severely for hours in your upper abdomen, then seek medical attention immediately. This could be due to gallstones.

10. Varicose Veins

A huge percentage of women have varicose veins. If you are included in this statistics, you don’t have to worry. There are various alternatives to ease the pain of varicose veins. Aside from asking help from the medical professional, there are natural alternatives which are also effective. Aside from having a good diet, reducing weight, and proper exercise also remember not to stand for a long time. If you want to ease the pain brought about by varicose veins, get a piece of cloth and soak it in an apple cider vinegar. While bracing your feet, place that cloth.

Remember to know your body, listen and feel it. If you are experiencing symptoms mentioned above, you should seek a doctor’s advice to know more about your condition. Knowledge is always the key to best living.