Intercourse During Menstruation: Myths, Safety and Benefits

Having sex during menstruation is not a forbidden act scientifically, but as women are made to believe religiously and culturally, that menstrual blood is evil and impure, they usually tend to avoid even discussing about their periods in open.

Women usually try to hide and contain menstrual blood. And since sex is an intimate act wherein another person is going to be in contact with their personal condition, psychologically they may not be prepared for it.

Some men may be comfortable having sex during their partner’s menstrual cycle, whereas others may get grossed out by the sight of blood. It all boils down to personal preference and how comfortable both the partners are with intercourse during menstruation before going ahead with it.

Myths and Facts

The most common myth women are taught since being girls is that the menstrual blood is impure, dirty and shameful that should be hidden away. Science has different say in the matter, but nevertheless many educated women carry the feeling with them.


Another myth making rounds, mostly on internet is that sex during menstruation will lead to AIDS. The only way to get AIDS is having unprotected sex with a person who is already infected with HIV virus, no matter whether the woman is menstruating or not.

Many believe that sex during periods will lead to STD’s, and bacterial infection. This is again another misconception. The risk of catching infection is higher during the periods only if either one of the partner has already contacted STD.

Some women believe that having sex during their periods will not allow them to get pregnant. Though the chances of getting pregnant are quite low, it is not impossible and cannot be totally ruled out. The sperm can live for 3-4 days in the female reproductive system after ejaculation; therefore, if the woman ovulates at the end of the period, she may still get pregnant.

Safety Tips

It is advisable for the man or the woman to discuss the issue of having an intercourse during menstruation beforehand, rather than jumping up on it and giving a surprise. The male partner may find the blood grossing him out, and his shocked response may create a rift among the couple.

Do not try out the gymnastics sex positions during periods. It is always better to have a position that will not leave a mess behind. Also try to use towels to contain the blood that may drip down during the act.

The best solution for blood flow is the menstrual cup which can contain the blood for nearly 12 hours. The male partner should be careful not to hurt the cervix that is covered with cup and is also hanging low due to the periods.

Using condoms will protect the partners from infections and transmissions of STD’s.

Benefits of Sex During Menstruation

There is lot of lubrication in the vagina during menstruation which can make sex more pleasurable for both partners. As lot of endorphins get released during orgasm, it can provide relief from pain and other symptoms associated with periods like depression, cramps, headaches and irritation.

Some women are known to feel fullness in the genital areas during periods which will increase their pleasure of sex during menstruation.

Sex also helps uterine contraction which will allow the blood to flow easily, thus ending the period sooner than it would normally do.