What Is Mummy Makeover and Is It a Good Idea?

Childbirth is an important event in the life of a mother. It heralds many happy days ahead as the mother brings up her long awaited bundle of joy. The after effects of giving birth however, are not all joy and celebration. While the baby’s body is lovely and flawless at birth, not the same can be said of the mother’s body.

Many women accept the not so pleasant tell tale signs of childbirth as a small price to pay for being bestowed with the gift of motherhood. However, this does not need to be the case. There are many advances made in the field of plastic surgery which are useful in giving mothers a new lease of life as far as looks are concerned. Modern methods of reconstructive surgery ensure that a woman’s life gets back on track within a few weeks after the procedure. The outcome is natural and no one will be able to tell just by observing her, if a woman has been under the knife.

Breast Augmentation

Breasts are possibly the most obvious outward manifestation of a woman’s femininity. Most women are in love with their breasts and they derive a lot of their confidence as women from them. After childbirth, a lot of change is experienced in the breasts. This is due to breast feeding and also as part of the general changes that occur in a woman’s body. The breasts lose their volume and change shape. A woman who undergoes this is a good candidate for breast augmentation. This involves the surgical insertion of implants into the breast. It is a fairly simple procedure and normally takes between one and two hours. Recovery takes up to two weeks but the toughest is the first three days when the patient should not lift anything high up – including the baby.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is another straightforward procedure which is useful in enhancing the looks of sagging breasts. It involves removing excess skin and reshaping the breast and areolas. The whole procedure can take from one and a half hours to three hours.

Tummy Tuck

liposuctionThe tummy undergoes the most change both during pregnancy and after childbirth. For many mothers, it remains the most obvious tell-tale sign that they have just delivered. The skin is stretched during pregnancy and often does not go back to its original form after birth. A tummy tuck is recommended for such women. The excess skin is removed and the remaining one is stretched nicely to remove any slack. The muscles are also tightened and reshaped. The result is a slim looking and fit woman. This is a major procedure and can last up to five hours. A scar is inevitable after the procedure.

The Right Way to Lose Weight

The recommended way of losing weight is a combination of diet and exercises. New mothers however, may not be able to engage in rigorous exercise or take some limited diets. There is also stubborn fat that does not respond to common weight loss regimes. The best way of removing such fat is through liposuction. This a convenient way for a mother to regain her shape in a less hassle free way. It can take between forty five minutes and two hours.

Despite their effectiveness, all the above makeover methods involve pain or some degree of discomfort. Like all types of surgery, they also carry with them certain risks. It is therefore important for one to carry out due diligence before having any of the procedures done on her. They require careful budgeting because they are fairly costly.