Sex After Menopause: A Realistic Dream?

Medical research has shown that sex is not only possible after menopause, but can be enjoyed by women even in their 80’s. Menopause is a stage which sees a woman going through hormonal changes and other physical changes that may interfere with their sexual life. The decreased levels in estrogen will lead to dryness and atrophy in vagina which may not allow the woman to reach orgasm easily.

The bright side however is that after menopause a woman may not have to worry about the monthly periods or pregnancy, which may give her freedom to enjoy sex with more enthusiasm.

How to Combat Vaginal Dryness

Natural lubrication during sex may not be possible after menopause due to falling levels of estrogen, which often triggers the vaginal lubrication process, leading to dryness and lesser flexibility in the vagina. Having intercourse in such condition can be a put off to the woman due to pain and discomfort she goes through.


Artificial Lubricants: One of the best solutions for combating vaginal dryness is through simple artificial lubricants that are available in every medical store. Sex can be more pleasurable with artificial lubricant as they can be applied to meet the requirements of the couple, whenever needed and in larger quantity than the body could produce.

With advancement in medical science, the sticky lubrication tube has been replaced with water based, sensual, smooth and glossy feeling lubrication that not only makes sex comfortable but also adds pleasure to the act.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: This is another way to get relief from vaginal dryness, and thinning of vaginal wall. This however should be done under proper medical supervision after consulting a gynecologist. The hormonal pills are available in forms that can either be taken orally or inserted into the vagina directly.

Avoid Psychological Barrier

Menopause often tends to change the attitude of women towards sex, their own body and their sexuality, all the while stealing their self-confidence and esteem. As women keep hearing about the sex ending at menopause, they may form a psychological barrier in their mind which may lead them to believe that sex is not going to be the same hereafter.

Research has shown that women become more sensual and enjoy good sex after menopause rather than the hormone driven wild sex of the younger days. The trick is not to concentrate on reaching orgasm but rather concentrate the pleasure of touch and emotions involved with intimacy.

By taking proper care not to let sex go out of life, and keeping the romance burning, there is no need to say good bye to sex along with the periods. Enjoying good times with the partner, going out on a date, reading romantic books, discovering new ways to enjoy sex and watching movies that kindle romance and sex are few of the psychological boosters to redeem the sex life, if it is lost after menopause.

Dealing with Urinary Incontinence

Though not directly related to menopause, urinary incontinence is one of the problems faced by women during sex in their 50s. The dropping levels of estrogen leads to weakening of the bladder and urethra, which may affect the woman’s control over her bladder. During sex, especially during the climax, the woman may lose control and there could be leakage from the weakened muscles causing her embarrassment and discomfort.

There is no need to be disheartened. Some simple tips like Kegel exercises, limiting liquid intake before sex, practicing bladder control and few other medical options can help deal effectively with urinary incontinence.